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веб сайт

ID: R00961
Статус: Проект закрыт. Не выполнен.
Дата публикации: 2009-04-20
Дата окончания приёма заявок: 2009-05-04
Бюджет: 39600 руб.
Время выполнения: 30 дней
Название: веб сайт
Тип занятости: Разовая работа
Описание: Home Page
Link to website Pages
Register & Login

Registered or non registered users can opt in for Newsletters
Registered or non registered users can opt out of Newsletters

Partcipant Page
List of rules and terms of participation
Register button that takes to the registration form
Prize Fond Accumulation Bar: a percentage of each sale (just a number) should go to the Fond and be visible as a Bar in the forum and “Participate” tab/page

1.    Pick Item
1.1.  Select Item to design
2.    Add Text (Editor for text writing)
2.1.  New Text
2.2.  Edit Text
2.3.  Use Greek Letters (See Chart)
3.    Add Art
3.1.  Browse Gallery by category
3.1.1.            Select Image/Symbols to add
3.2.  Upload files
3.3.  Edit Image
3.4.  Search by keyword
4.    Get Help
7.    Add to Cart
8.    Buy now
8.1.  Link to Payment Gateway
9.    Rotate
9.1.  Front and Back side of the T-shirt
10.  Zoom in
11.  Print

Additional features:
Price determining algorithm based on data in four databases: IP, price listing, supplier location, exchange rate.
Information entered by a user (contact info, parameters of a product bought: size, colour, type, etc) should be saved in txt format on the server.
Ability to link to specific states of LAB, if browser’s “back” button is clicked LAB should go to a previous state.
For each sale, rating of the sold print increases by “1” in the rating database
Shopping cart

Standard forum with a similar visual design as the rest of the website
Information below avatar should include user’s rating (located in the rating database)
Prize Fond Accumulation Bar (described above)

Profile (facebook like)
Users should be able to add an avatar (custom or from provided), add/edit personal information, add/remove/view h
Тип проекта:

  • Java
  • PHP/Perl/CGI
  • HTML
  • Web
База данных: Не имеет значения
Операционная система: Не имеет значения
Количество заявок: 0

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